Saturday, 11 April 2020

Main Hall: Seated

Price: 39,90€ 105,90€ all fees included

Doors 14:00 Show 15:00

Organized by BB-Promotion

What a feeling!

Perms, turned-up cuffs, tapered jeans and big dreams: FLASHDANCE - THE MUSICAL brings the exhilarating lifestyle of the '80s to the stage. The earworms 'Flashdance - What a feeling', 'Maniac', 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' and 'Gloria' delight everyone, young and old. The film's soundtrack sold more than 20 million copies and the title track won both an Oscar and a Grammy.

Exciting dance scenes, innovative light and LED installations and the touching story of a big dream: welder Alex longs for a life outside the working class and a career as a great dancer. With the help of her boss Nick, she gets an audition. Can she gather her courage and sway the jury with her Flashdance - What a feeling! dance routine?

Experience one of the most breath-taking dance films live on the stage.
Additional information: the Show is performed in German; the songs are performed in the original English.